Over the past month we’ve been freshening up our corporate branding and we’ve worked with a professional designer to come up with some new logos and colour swatches that we think are pretty “kick ass”. We’ve been busy applying these changes to our website and trying to tidy things up a bit.

Old Digital Homebrew Logo

Our old logo

New Digital Homebrew Logo

Our new logo

This update also coincides with a bit of a quiet point in our trading as we’ve recently spent a month abroad and many of our products have run out of stock. We’re frantically ordering new parts and getting production back underway, but we’re also feeling the crush of the weakening Australian dollar stronger than ever. Digital Homebrew is primarily an electronics tech company and without much of a local industry we have to order most of our raw materials from overseas in USD. Meanwhile, up until now we have been selling our products in Australian dollars, so as our dollar has been slipping we’ve also had to frequently increase our prices and it just feels a little embarrassing. I don’t like the thought of our customers recommending our products to their friends only to find that the prices have been jacked up again!

AUD over the past 12 months

AUD over the past 12 months

With a long-term vision to be a global company, there has to come a time where we change our primary currency to something more recognisable than the Australian dollar. This week we’ve taken that leap and our website now defaults to USD. There is still a drop down menu where customers can select AUD as well, and the prices will be altered based on the current exchange rate at the time of purchase and the PayPal payments are always made in the currency that you select which means you still never pay a ripoff exchange rate or currency conversion fees.

Currency selector on our website

Currency selector on our website


Unfortulately we’ve had to bump our up prices a little during the conversion since our dollar has fallen so far, but it wouldn’t be fair to pass this onto our customers that have been waiting for us to get our equipment back into stock. That’s why we’ve added some coupons codes that can be used during checkout to achieve the older prices. They are:

Stir plate kits: OLDDIYKITPRICE

All coupons will be valid until October 18th 2015.

Onwards and upwards!

P.S. You can learn more about Benjamins here.

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